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M510-xSL - Slimsette Biopsy Cassettes in Sleeve


Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassette in sleeves

  • Made of acetal
  • Sleeved for use with Thermo Fisher/Epredia printers
  • Recessed cover, a great space saving feature
  • Easy-to-remove pre-attached disposable cover
  • Unobstucted writing area at a 45° angle

Select a Color - Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassette
Base Price: $149.95
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Total Price: $149.95

Suitable for hoppers accepting plastic sleeves, these biopsy cassettes will load in cassette labeling instruments in one simple operation. Just load the 75-cassettes sleeve in the hopper and you are ready for printing.
Similar to the design of the M507 model, it incorporates a unique recessed cover, a great space saving feature allowing more cassettes to be stacked in automatic labeling machines and in storage cabinets.
Molded from acetal, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents. The SLIMSETTE™ ensures efficient fluid exchange and drainage thanks to 392 openings each measuring 1 x 1 mm. The anterior writing area is slanted at a 45° angle.

Cassettes are packaged in sleeves of 75. Each case contains 10 sleeves.

 Product # Color  Product # Color Qty/Cs
 M510-2SL White  M510-7SL Peach 750
 M510-3SL Pink  M510-8SL Tan 750
 M510-4SL Green  M510-9SL Gray 750
 M510-5SL Yellow  M510-10SL Lilac 750
 M510-6SL Blue  M510-11SL Orange 750
 M510-12SL Aqua 750
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