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B350-x - 24 Hours Urine containers

Urine Containers
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Container made of high-density polyethylene
Cap made of polypropylene 

The Urine Collection Containers are USER FRIENDLY to both patients and laboratory personnel.

On the 4 liter model, urine can be poured into a tube by simply tilting the container forward without having to lift it.

The innovative cap: 
    Snap valve pouring spout incorporated
    Leakproof: a cap liner ensures safe sample transport

The unique snap valve pour spout:
    Easily popped open or pushed shut 
    Offers dripless pouring
    Controlled flow rate for better handling of poured volumes
    Reduced risks of aerosol contamination when pouring
    Eliminates splashing and exposure to hazardous body fluids

Low form design:
    Convenient refrigerator storage with less wasted space
    Anatomically designed for ease of patient use

Large central handle:
    Can be gripped comfortably with three fingers
    Permits pouring off of samples with ease and reduces fatigue

Chemically resistant:
    Metal, latex, zinc and fluorescence free
    Resistant to hydrochloric acid. 
    Can be subjected to freezing, thawing and EtO gas sterilisation 
      without causing changes in materials or physical appearance

Graduated vertically and horizontally:
    Graduations are easy to read
    Place container upright and read in 100 ml increments

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11,5 x 24,5 x 16,0




11,5 x 24,5 x 20,1




13,3 x 13,3 x 23,2




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