Shipping Policy:

Incoterms are FCA our Canadian warehouse. Shipping is charged from Quebec province or NY State depending of the destination.

All orders under $120.00 value before shipping is subject to $15.00 handling fee.

Delivery - Extra fees may be charged separately on occasion for special packaging materials, carrier surcharges or hazardous material special handling. Shipping outside USA and Canada may be subjected to duty fees added separately to the invoice.

Product availability: Econo-Lab do not guaranty the availability of merchandises. Any ordered product not in stock will be advised separately by email.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Econo-Lab Inc. is not responsible for any transportation damages.

Return Policy :

If you return a product, you are responsible of transport and duty fees to ship back to Canada + 25% of restocking fees. Sterile product cannot be returned. Partial case or opened pack cannot be returned.


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