C200G Saliva Collection System


- Made of polypropylene
- Sterile and individually wrapped
- Ideal for collection, transport and processing biological samples
- Made of polypropylene

The ideal way to collect, carry and process biological samples. The unit features a base that already incorporates a removable sterile 50 ml graduated polypropylene conical tube that can withstand centrifugation up to 5000 RPM, or 3000g.

Available in a light green color, three narrow vertical windows allow the contents of the tube to be discreetly seen. A wide base ensures great stability and prevents tipping of the unit. The large collection funnel is made in such a way that specimens fall directly into the graduated centrifuge tube and do not contaminate the outside threads. The centrifuge tube screw cap is kept sterile at all times under the snap cap on top of the funnel.

A patient label is already affixed on top of the unit and can easily be transferred to the tube before leaving for the laboratory. The base can be used as a support during transit. Each unit is sterile and individually wrapped.

Before collection
Remove from package.
Fill in the patient label.
Lift the hinged lid.
Avoid touching the inside of the funnel.
Close lid after each use.

After collection
Remove snap cap to expose sputum tube threaded cap.
Remove funnel top and invert over tube.
Squeeze middle part of Sputum Collection System and screw tube into the threaded cap.
Discard funnel top.
Remove patient label.
Place patient label on side of the tube.
Place tube back in its base and send to the lab.

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