C566-x Tamper Evident Container

Select Size: C566-60Y 60ml


- Molded ridges around lid make it easy to open and close
- Tamper evident sealing ring for better sample protection
- Specially designed notches to ensure a perfect tamper-evident seal
- Warning label has space for patient identification
- Ridges around base offer a better grip during opening and closing

Container made of polypropylene / Closure made of polyethylene

For applications needing the utmost security where sample integrity is of high importance. A great feature of the Spectainer™ I is that it incorporates a unique tamper-evident screw cap ensuring peace of mind during transport or storage situations where someone might have tampered with the specimen.

Screwcap on until a clicking noise is heard. This is when the plastic ring is firmly seated and locked over the container threads. When removing the tamper-evident screw cap for the first time, the perforation is severed, thereby ensuring easy recognition that the container has been opened.

For color coding purposes, place a Capinsert™ on top of the closure (see Series T345). Ten different colors are available.

Both containers and caps are manufactured without the use of plasticizers or mold release agents. All material used is free from latex. Containers are 95kpa compliant. Available in three sizes: 60, 90 and 120 ml. The 60 ml size however is not graduated. The sterile container protects its sterility with a tamper-evident seal.

Non-sterile containers are available with a yellow colored caps.
Sterile containers are available with a cyan colored cap. Sterilization: Gamma radiation.

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