C576-xMA Sample Container Tamper Evident 20 to 120 ml

Select Size: C576-20MA SecurTainer II Tamper Evident 20ml PP


- Container made of polypropylene
- Closure made of polyethylene
- Unique tamper-evident screw cap
- Shatter-resistant which eliminates issues of leakage and evaporation
- Stackable and transparent
- Non-sterile

No locking tab is necessary when the tamper-evident feature is used. Simply screw the cap on the container and the tamper-evident sealing ring is automatically locked in place. When unscrewed, the ring is detached from the cap, showing clearly that the container was opened.

Also designed for the collection, transport, and storage of specimens, the polypropylene containers are safe to use even in adverse conditions. Containers are uniquely stackable, shatter resistant, and are manufactured from virgin polypropylene. These straight-sided containers are available in many sizes from 20 to 120 ml. Non-sterile. Containers and caps are packaged separately in bags of 100.

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