M433-xT Superflo Tissue Cassettes Taped

Select Color: M433-2T Superflo Tissue Cassettes Taped, White


- Unique lateral vents, fluids can access tissue from all 4 sides
- Basket style for small tissue management
- Special hinged cover design with front opening
- Smooth 45° angle writing surface
- Supplied in taped stacks for use with Leica and Sakura Ink Jet Printers
- Available in 11 colors

The SuperFlo™ is the new generation in Simport®`s Histology Family. This tissue cassette has unique pore openings of 0.91 x 3.67 mm and lateral vents allowing for maximum reagent exchange from all 4 sides. Such a high level of fluid exchange results in less incidence of unfixed or under-processed tissues. Better liquid exchange means better tissue fixation, dehydration, and impregnation which are at the basis of efficient tissue processing.

This SuperFlo™ model has a special hinge that holds the base and the cover together. The hinge design allows the cassette to be opened and closed as often as required. It is a front-opening cassette with a 45-degree smooth writing surface.

Molded from high-density polymer, this cassette keeps specimens safely submerged in liquid and is resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents.

This model is supplied in taped stacks to be used with Leica and Sakura Ink Jet printers. For the bulk model, please refer to M533. For the sleeved model refer to M533SL.

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