M476-x Biopsy Foam Pads

Select Model: M476-1 BIOPSY FOAM Blue 1"X1 ¼, 10 PK/1000


- Made of polyester urethane foam
- Optimum solvent flow
- Will resist temperatures from -40°C to 121°C

Our biopsy foam pads are used to hold biopsies in place and prevent them from being lost during processing. Made of polyester urethane foam which is always verified for consistency throughout in order to achieve optimum solvent flow. Biopsy samples are sandwiched between two foam pads and are placed either in tissue capsules or cassettes with metal or plastic lids.

M476-4 model is to be used with the Micromesh™ and Slimsette™ cassettes. M476-5 is specially suited for the Histosette® II.

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