Select Color: M503-2 MICROSETTE BIOPSY CASS. White, 6 COMPART.


- Made of Acetal
- Six separate compartments
- Unobstructed anterior writing area at a 45° angle
- No biopsy pad necessary
- Cassette has over 2000, 0.26 mm square openings to maximize fluid exchange
Compatible with most cassette printers
Lid is pre-attached to base
This model can hold up to six tissue specimens, each one placed in its own 7 x 12 mm (1/4 x 7/16 in.) compartment, numbered from 1 to 6. No biopsy pads are necessary. Cover and base have over 2000 square openings to maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage. Approximately 170 holes (each having a diameter of 0.26 mm) per compartment. Molded from acetal, these patented cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are resistant to most histological solvents. The anterior writing area is at a 45° angle to make the cassette more suitable to be used with certain types of cassette labeling instruments.

Each case contains four dispenser boxes of 250 cassettes with covers assembled.

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