Select Color: M509-2 SLIMSETTE CASS.TISSUE White


- Made of acetal
- Recessed cover, a great space-saving feature
- Easy-to-remove pre-attached disposable cover
- Unobstructed writing area at a 45° angle
- Similar to the design of the M507 model, it incorporates a unique recessed cover, a great space-saving feature allowing more cassettes to be stacked in automatic labeling machines and in storage cabinets.

Molded from acetal, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents. The SLIMSETTE™ ensures efficient fluid exchange and drainage thanks to 114 openings each measuring 1 x 5 mm. The anterior writing area is slanted at a 45° angle.

Each case contains 3 dispenser boxes of 500 cassettes with covers assembled.

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