M956O CryoSette Tissue Storage Cont. Orange


Base made of acetal
Screw closure made of high-density polyethylene
Offers sample specimen storage in upright chest freezers and vapor-phase Dewar flasks at -196°C
2D Barcoding available for efficient sample tracking
Maintains the integrity of tissue samples
Choice of two storage boxes
95 kPa tested
The Simport CryoSette™ is designed for frozen tissue collection, transport and storage. It can also be used for storing a multitude of other specimens in all laboratories. The robust design of the CryoSette™ ensures that tissue morphology will be well preserved.

This 2.5 ml container features a wide-mouth opening and a high integrity screw closure. It is designed with a flat bottom and straight sides for easy tissue removal. The specific shape of the CryoSette™ allows its manipulation to be optimized, whether you are using gloves or not. The CryoSette™ efficiently stores tissue samples in -86°C ULT freezers or in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen in Dewar flasks at -196°C but not in LN2 liquid phase.

The CryoSette™ screw closure and base are designed so they will not seize at low temperatures. Rapid visual 1¼ turn, even during repeated freeze / thaw cycles. Color-coded inserts are available in 5 colors.

The CryoSette™ offers two surfaces for handwriting or applying barcode labels: an anterior surface and a large space underneath the base. A thin cardboard I.D. label and a plastic transparent cover are available for the latter. A 2D barcode insert can also be placed on the anterior writing surface for rapid visual sample identification. The CryoSette™ is compatible with common tracking methods. The anterior writing surface is improved for ink adherence.

The large size of the CryoSette™ chamber is suitable for most storage applications.

Chamber dimensions: 21 mm O.D. x 18 mm I.D. x 10.5 mm H.
Total CryoSette™ dimensions: 24 mm x 38 mm x 11 mm H.

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