M965-20FW Cytosep Double Funnel W/White filter Paper & Cap


Disposable funnel offers lower risk of contamination than reusable funnels
Run two samples simultaneously on single slide
For sample volumes up to 0.5 ml
All plastic components also available separately
These are so easy to use and improve turn-around time while giving more diagnostic information. Being totally disposable, they eliminate time-consuming decontamination and cleaning. They are safe to use and reduce the risk of exposure to pathogenic samples. They also decrease the possibility of cross-contamination.

This series of Simport® Single CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels is single-use. The disposable sample chambers do not need metal clips and are designed to meet any processing requirement. They are capable of producing high quality thin-layer slide preparations while improving laboratory efficiency.

The disposable Sample Chambers with White Filter Cards are used for sample volumes up to 0.5 ml. The cell deposition areas are 6 mm in diameter (28 mm2). Filter cards are pre-attached. Excellent for scanty specimens. All components also available separately.

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