M970-D5x Breast Biopsy Container

Select Model: M970-D5B-1 CoreDish Breast Biopsy, 5-Compartments


Made of polystyrene
Five compartments container for specimen collection
Four compartments are clearly identified
Leakproof closure with o-ring

Few recommendations concerning how the biopsies should be handled have been published. Performing a large number of biopsies means an increase in the number of containers handled and consequently a technical overload of the transmission network, which occurs without any financial counterpart. A new approach had to be developed in order to increase productivity.

Econo-Lab is proud to offer a multi-compartment container in the shape of a dish for holding and transporting biopsies. It is supplied with a leakproof closure with o-ring ensuring total protection of contents. The CoreDish® measures only 15 x 95 mm in diameter. Each compartment is clearly identified to allow proper placement and visualization of the biopsy being inserted. Thanks to the CoreDish® it is no longer necessary to use a multitude of individual containers, thereby reducing risks of confusion. The CoreDish® offers many configurations in order to hold different biopsies of the breast, prostrate, upper GI tract and lower GI tract. A label allows essential information to be written such as patient I.D., doctor, date and time.

Formalin may be added prior to transportation to pathology for analysis. An area for writing patient information is provided on the label.

Designed specifically for radiography, separation, imaging and transport of core needle breast biopsies. Special absorbent liner keeps specimens moist (when saline solution is added) prior to radiography while helping to attenuate the x-ray beam. Four compartments are clearly identified (3, 6, 9 and 12) and the radiolucent numbers show up clearly on the radiograph.

Not formallin prefilled

M970-D5B-2 and M971-D5B-2
This five compartments container has four labeled: Left Upper Quadrant, Right Upper Quadrant, Left Lower Quadrant, Right Lower Quadrant.

Available with or without half prefilled 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin.

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