Select Color: S610-16B MINI MULTIRACK 30 X 16mm TUBES, Blue


Made of acetal
Available in three models for 13 mm, 16 mm and 25 to 30 mm tubes
Stackable and submersible
3-tier facilitates stability of tubes
Base has rounded wells with drain holes

A newly designed tube support that can be used all around the lab. The MultiRack™ Jr. is available in three models to accommodate a full range of laboratory test tubes and centrifuge tubes up to 30 mm in diameter. Although it is one of the most attractive racks available today, it offers all the advantages required by the modern laboratory. Made of highly resistant acetal polymer, it will not shatter or stain in contact with most laboratory chemicals. No coating to worry about, which can chip, peel or rust in a water bath.

The MultiRack™ Jr has the same features and benefits as the larger model but will hold half the number of tubes. A great acquisition when space is more limited.

Available in five colors.

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