Select Model: S627-120B JUMBO TEST TUBE RACK 120 PLACES Blue


- Ample capacity storage for tubes, vials, and vessels
- Suitable for high throughput labs requiring ample sample storage
- Robust and lightweight, ideal for transport
- Withstand temperatures between -86°C to 121°C
- Alphanumeric identification
- Autoclavable
- Made of polypropylene

Made of polycarbonate, these robust, sturdy and lightweight jumbo racks make them suitable for transport. They are ideal for high-capacity storage of tubes, vials, and vessels and are suitable for high throughput labs that require large sample storage.

Each opening is keyed with moulded-in numbers and letters for easy identification.

Each rack is available in white (W) and blue (B).

Cat. No. Places Dimensions (mm) For Tube Style Qty/Cs
S627-432 432 673L x 230W x 80H 10 - 13 mm 1
S627-240 240 521L x 260W x 89H 13 - 16 mm 1
S627-216 216 337L x 267W x 91H 10 - 13 mm 1
S627-120 120 337L x 267W x 91H 13 - 16 mm 1

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