S700-90 ChillBlock Platform, High Profile for water Baths


Made of thermo-conductive metal alloy
Temperature uniformity through ChillBlock™ rack
Autoclavable or clean with disinfectants
Anodized surface resistant to rust, corrosion, and abrasion

This thermo-conductive platform can be placed in ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or even in a water bath. It will keep ChillBlock™ racks at the proper temperature which will remain completely dry while on the platform.

The thermo-conductive properties of the ChillBlock™ platforms ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout.

Not available for sale in the USA.

Use on Ice :

Adapts from ambient to <4°C in 60-90 seconds
Samples and labels stay dry, organized and uniform in temperature
Hours of ice cooling without direct ice contact
Use on Dry Ice :

Adapts from ambient to -78°C in 5-7 minutes
Eliminates ethanol - cost savings, no hazardous waste
Equal or better freezing rate when compared to other methods
Use above Liquid Nitrogen :

Adapts from ambient to -140°C in 15 minutes
Samples are upright and organized as they freeze
No direct contact between samples and liquid nitrogen
Heating Methods :

Use ChillBlock™ tube racks with heat sources such as:
Hot plate, oven

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