Select Color: T314-225B BTE CRYO 2ml Blue 25 POS.


- Holds 25 cryogenic vials or sample tubes of 1 to 2 ml sizes
- Made of polycarbonate, resistant to temperatures between -196 °C and 121 °C
- Transparent cover with printed numerical grid from 1 to 25
- Comes in four different colored grids (Blue, green, red and yellow)
- Stackable with drain holes on the base bottom and vent-holes on the covers
- Vial picker included with every box

Holds 25 cryogenic vials or sample tubes of 1 to 2 ml sizes.

A transparent cover allows the user to see the contents of the box and is keyed to the base to prevent misalignment. Printed with a numerical grid, the surface accepts writing with markers, facilitating inventory control.

Four colors available. Removal of vials facilitated by a vial picker supplied with each storage box. Size fits most freezer metal racks.

Made of extra-strong polycarbonate, these durable cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -196 °C and +121°C and are autoclavable.

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