T343xLS SNAPTWIST Microtube Cap

Select Color: T343BLS SNAPTWIST Micrew Cap , Blue


- Cap made of polyethylene
- Free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, and DNA
- Snap cap closure
- Easy cap removal with ¼ turn (twist)
- Temperature range: -90°C to +100°C

The SnapTwistTM Micrewtube® provides all the advantages of a modern microcentrifuge tube with screw cap but the closure is a true time-saver. The SnapTwistTM Micrewtube® has a multitude of applications around your lab. It is ideal for freezer storage, boiling application, centrifugation, etc, and will fit most standard microcentrifuge rotors.

The tubes can be securely sealed by simply capping the closures on. Removal of caps requires an easy 1/4 turn (twist). The ease with which these caps can be manipulated eliminates the danger of spillage associated with other push-on/pull-off caps. The deep internal lip of the cap fits snugly against the interior wall of the tube preventing the contents from coming in contact with the threads, thus reducing the chances of sample contamination. The quality of the sealing system is such that it is not necessary to tighten the closure with pressure to achieve a leakproof seal.

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