T347AQX Micrew Screw Cap, Aqua with X-Septum


- Made of polypropylene
- Both layers are pre-cut
- Septum made of chemically resistant PTFE with silicone inside
- Pierceable with pipet tips and syringe needle

Manufactured of exceptionally high-quality, transparent polypropylene without the use of slip agents, plasticizers, mold release agents and biocide substances.

The T347AQX screw cap incorporates a pierceable septum made of chemically resistant PTFE on the outside and silicone on the inside, both components being stable over a broad range of temperatures. The septum also acts as a silicone o-ring for better sample protection. It is specially made to fit and be used with all Simport Microcentrifuge Tubes. The cap is pierceable with pipet tips as well as with syringe needles.

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