Select Model: T406-6 CULTUBES 17X95 PS W/O CAP, STER. PRINT. PK/125


- Made of polystyrene or polypropylene
- Pyrogen Free
- Temperature range from -190 °C to 120 °C
- Exempt from mold release agents
- Graduated with white marking area
- Disposable
- Sterile
- Packaged in resealable ziplock bags or in trays
- Can be used with 2-position ribbed polyethylene caps T401

These 14 ml - 17 x 95 mm disposable sterile tubes can be used for most routine laboratory procedures. They are biologically inert and exempt from mold release agents. Precision molding with virgin thermoplastics ensures that our tubes will be uniform in size and shape. High resistance to breakage reduces danger in handling infectious or other potentially harmful cultures.

Transparent polystyrene tubes will withstand moderate centrifugation speeds (1400g) and temperatures to 70 °C. Translucent polypropylene tubes can be centrifuged at higher speeds (3000g) and resist temperatures from -190 °C to 120 °C.

Tubes can be used with 2-position ribbed polyethylene caps which can be left loose for aerobic work or sealed for anaerobic cultures. See T401 Caps.

For users who prefer a more compact packaging with tubes oriented horizontally. Tubes are also available in a convenient space saving plastic tray. State-of-the-art packaging keeps your tubes neatly aligned for easing manipulation.

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