The cap and the tube of most of the cryogenic vials we supply have the same expansion coefficient. This allows the closed tube to maintain its tightness even at temperatures as extreme as those surrounding liquid nitrogen. This property derives from the raw material at the origin of the tube and the cap, both of which are the same polypropylene.

Polypropylene? Let’s talk about it. The resin used in the production process is virgin, so there are no additives. The is NO clarifier in the cryogenic tubes we supply ! This is an essential asset, especially for long-term storage. Indeed, the presence of additives can cause the tube to deteriorate over time, causing contaminants to your samples.

Do you care about your samples? So do we! This is why we supply tubes with thick and resistant walls. As always, we stands out from our competitors for the quality of our products.


Cryogenic caps can receive a colored insert (T312 series). We offer 11 different colors for quick and efficient identification of your samples when s

In addition, the identification of your 2mL tubes is now available with 2D barcode technology. Do not hesitate to visit our website for cryogenic preservation products to discover all our accessories.


Another notable feature is its ability to stand with a skirt at the bottom of the tube. This skirt fits beautifully into our workstation rack which allows you to lock the tube. Thus, you have your hands free to hold the cap and pipette simultaneously while avoiding contamination and waste of your precious time. 

Product Applications and Related Products

Certified sterile and free of ARNase, ADNase, DNA and pyrogen, they are designed for the storage of liquid samples. Because liquids usually build up volume when frozen, as a general rule, we advise you not to exceed 80% of the maximum tube volume.