PCR products are not a simple piece of plastic

Plastic molding is a science, and for companies doing it in a dilettante way, we need to take it very seriously. We know that rapid heat transfer is central to a good PCR method. Achieving this requires a thin wall for the vessel, tube strip, or plate. Not thin to the point that it will give under your fingers but thin in a consistent and reproducible manner. Hard work and long hours have enabled us to achieve a 0,02 mm thick wall consistent in all our PCR products.

A good fit between the tube and the cavity is also essential for optimal heat transfer. The latest creation, the PCR T320-96N is a dividable plate, the clamps between columns and between the individual wells are flexible enough to allow this perfect fit for the entire plate.

Contamination prevention is of the utmost importance in PCR because everything that falls into the tube is amplified. There istwo new features in the T320 Series that help reduce contamination. The shield in front of the cap prevents fingers from touching the inside of the lid when closed. And the opening of each corner tube prevents the micro-condensation droplets from falling into the nearby tubes. 

Add to this that many of our products are available in reflective white resin, a feature that can increase the signal by 50%, and you end up with many criteria in our favor.

An excellent tube, strip, or plate will not replace a deficient recipe but certainly reduces the chances of getting unexpected bad results due to trade-offs on the least considered but essential supplies. See the results for yourself and ask for samples!